Action Alert: Red Light Scameras Coming to a Town Near You

Dangerous and unconstitutional red light cameras could be coming to your neighborhood thanks to a bill that’s being debated this week in Congress.

And if you already have them, you will more than likely get a lot more if the massive subsidies that have been slipped into the “Invest in America Act” pass into law.

You see, as part of this bill, states will be eligible to receive funds in order to “purchase, operate, and maintain” red light cameras.

But in reality, they are trying to turn your streets into a surveillance grid that tracks innocent motorists like cattle, all for profit.

Red light and speed cameras are sold to the public as a safety measure, but the reality is accidents go up when they’re installed, not down.

Drivers are not only distracted by the cameras leading to more accidents, but cities have been caught all over the country shortening yellow light times to drive up revenue at the expense of safety.

These camera schemes are a total invasion and do the opposite of what’s advertised.

Sixteen states and countless cities have banned the cameras, but my fear is the “free” federal cash may result in crooked politicians and bureaucrats fighting tooth and nail to bring them back.

The Invest in America Act, introduced by House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR), is being used as a massive bailout for failing SCAMera systems across the country.

You and I must demand they strip out this provision immediately before the hearing on Thursday!

Call Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) immediately and tell them to remove any and all funding for “automated traffic enforcement systems:”

Rep. Peter DeFazio – (202) 225-6416

Rep. Sam Graves – (202) 225-7041

Red light and speed cameras have been a destructive force to the 4th Amendment for years through constant surveillance of innocent motorists and illegal searches of every driver who passes by them.

These cameras create a dream scenario for big government spies by using license plate scanning technology and now facial recognition to log everywhere a person travels in a city that has them.

It was even admitted recently by a town council member in Fountain Hills, AZ that the cameras live stream into the Department of Homeland Security’s “Threat Fusion Centers” 24 hours a day!

They’re treating you like a terrorist!

The cash these systems generate through the exorbitant fines is a corrupting influence in city governments and law enforcement. Red light and speed cameras were at the heart of the largest bribery scandal in the history of Chicago just a few years ago.

With Chicago’s reputation of corruption, that’s quite the record for these camera schemes to hold.

Now Rep. DeFazio and Rep. Sam Graves need to hear that you don’t want that corruption coming to your city.

Call Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) immediately and tell them to remove the massive SCAMera subsidies from the Invest in America Act:

Rep. Peter DeFazio – (202) 225-6416

Rep. Sam Graves – (202) 225-7041

Campaign for Liberty has fought and won more battles at the local and state level to rid streets and intersections of these flashing cash boxes, including getting them completely banned in the state of Texas most recently.

You and I cannot allow any of these victories to be reversed when the cash is too good to pass up . . . we MUST stop it now!

Please take action at once to tell Representatives DeFazio and Graves we won’t tolerate any more of these cameras on our streets, and the Transportation Committee needs to stop subsidizing these kinds of abuses.

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