ACTION: Don't be fooled

The political class was planning all along to ram through their so-called “Human Infrastructure” bill while they distract you with a “compromise” bill.

It’s everything but.

Like an addict, once they get the roughly $1 Trillion “compromise,” they’ll go for the $3.5 Trillion package next, using the nuclear “reconciliation” option to force it through with a Democrat simple majority vote.

Too much is never enough.

It’s not either-or for them, it’s BOTH.

That’s why you and I must DEMAND they vote against BOTH of these ridiculous proposals, which will guarantee more inflation, waste, and long-term damage to our economy.

Your action is needed TODAY to stop the U.S. Senate from driving what could be the final nail in the coffin of our economic system.

Call your U.S. Senators TODAY at (202) 224-3121 and DEMAND they oppose both the bipartisan infrastructure AND the so-called “Human Infrastructure” bills.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is twisting arms of some big spending Republicans who will cave at a moment’s notice for a few handouts.

Meanwhile, frequent Democrat hold-out, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has had his family’s coffers filled with a $1 Billion subsidy included in this bill, which will go to a federal commission run by his wife and to which she was appointed by President Biden just months ago.

According to Yahoo News:

A commission run by the wife of Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin would receive $1 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Gayle Conelly Manchin co-chairs the Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership between the federal government and 13 Appalachian states.

This is cronyism at its absolute worst!

I expect more backroom deals to seal this deal for the big spenders on both sides of the aisle.

While they’re scrambling for this “compromise,” which is nothing more than a bridge to the next big boondoggle, it’s important to know what they REALLY want.

You and I must stop these plans now -- before we become the next Venezuela.

What’s even worse is the “compromise” infrastructure bill and President Biden’s “human infrastructure” bill will be used as the perfect decoy to slip in the Green New Deal and the Great Reset.

Both of these globalist plans are now too unpopular to even mention out loud, but bad ideas die hard.

The Greenies in the Senate and the Klaus Schwab types are betting everything on being able to control your every move, while creating endless profits for themselves.

They want you out of your car and crammed into unreliable public transportation just to make rabid leftists in Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) happy.

Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) said he expects a 100% Green Energy Standard to be part of this spending bill:

“My goal is to get to 100 percent clean electricity as soon as possible. President Biden’s goal is to be doing it by 2035.”

This would be a complete disaster!

It’s time to let your U.S. Senators know IMMEDIATELY that America cannot afford this runaway spending and you expect them to vote NO on BOTH infrastructure bills at EVERY opportunity.

Call your U.S. Senators TODAY at (202) 224-3121.

If you’ve called in the past, call again so they know their constituents oppose these reckless spending bills.

Chuck Schumer is so desperate to get this bill passed that he had the Senate working feverishly all weekend and didn’t even drop this Trillion-dollar version until Sunday.

He now expects the voting to begin this week, which means this 2,700 page bill is moving forward toward becoming a reality much faster than anyone could even read it.

Without your action TODAY, I’m afraid Senator Schumer will find a way to appease just enough Republicans with giveaways and pork spending to get the votes he needs.

Call your U.S. Senators immediately and demand they put a stop to any of the proposed infrastructure spending bills by voting NO.

Senate Switchboard -- (202) 224-3121

You and I must oppose ALL of these infrastructure deals, whether it’s the Biden Plan, the latest compromise, or anything in between.

Your U.S. Senators must hear from you TODAY, because if they don’t feel the heat from you, I fear it will gain enough momentum to pass.

They’re trying to keep us on our heels and guessing about what’s in each new version of this boondoggle, but the clear answer is NO to any of this disastrous spending!

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