Action: Tomorrow’s Vote is Critical to Your Liberty

After a one-week delay, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will vote tomorrow, June 24, on the advancement of David Chipman’s nomination to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

You and I only have 24 hours to stop the man who many agree could be the worst gun grabber in the history of our Republic before his confirmation reaches the U.S. Senate floor.

The good news is, we are not alone in opposing Chipman’s nomination. In fact, even some of his past co-workers are coming forward and saying he is not a good fit and your gun rights will be in serious jeopardy if he is confirmed.

Current and former ATF employees, including a former director, described Chipman as an "activist" who is not right for the role of ATF director and as a “rabid partisan” who would not respect the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

Chipman’s confirmation would signal a hostile threat to your Second Amendment rights.

I have no doubt that Chipman will attempt to use the ATF as an end-around Congress for wide reaching gun bans, even though he knows doing so would be illegal.

It is CRITICAL you call your senators at 202-224-3121 at once to demand they actively oppose David Chipman’s confirmation and vote NO at every opportunity.

David Chipman’s radical record and statements speak volumes

>>Field Agent for the ATF during the Waco Massacre and blamed the victims, including children, for their deaths;

>>Worked as a high-level lobbyist/activist for Bloomberg and Giffords gun confiscation efforts;

>>Said in an Internet post that he is in favor of arresting people who initially fail an FBI background check under pre-crime;

>>Said in the Senate Judiciary hearing a few weeks ago he supports banning thousands of guns on the market today, including all sporting rifles.

Based on Chipman’s own statements, there is no doubt he would use the ATF to target specific guns for confiscation based on some kind of perceived “emergency.”

His potential boss, Joe Biden, is using executive orders to target the owners of certain firearm accessories, making them instant criminals simply for possessing them.

Biden and Chipman have no respect for individual rights or even the law-making process.

They only seek to expand their power by destroying your ability to defend yourself.

Chipman’s nomination must be stopped now.

This vote is likely to fall on partisan lines in an evenly divided Senate. You and I must drum up more opposition, so I am urging you to call both your senators at once and demand they oppose the confirmation of David Chipman as ATF Director:

U.S. Capitol Switchboard – (202) 224-2131!

Time is running out to stop this confirmation, so I’m urging you to take action immediately.

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