Glenn Jacobs on The Fed's Century of Destruction

Glenn "Kane"  Jacobs examines the Federal Reserve’s "Century of Destruction" at the Daily Caller. Glenn points out that while the Fed done more damage to the standard of living of the average American than Kane does to his opponents in [...]

Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain

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Forbes Magazine: Call Congress in support of Audit the Fed

Forbes Contributing Perianne Boring writes about the efforts to block Janet Yellen's nomination as Federal Reserve Chair unless and until Harry Reid allows a vote on the Audit the Fed legislation.  Campaign for Liberty is leading the [...]

Want to help the working poor? End the Fed

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on why cutting taxes, regulations, and (especially) Ending the Federal Reserve will do more to help improve the standards of living of working Americans than [...]

After 100 Years Of Failure, It’s Time To End The Fed!

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's latest Texas Straight Talk on the Federal Reserve's hundred years of devaluing the currency and enriching special interests and facilitating the growth of government. This column is particularly [...]