Draft Women?

Two lawmakers introduced legislation this week that would require women to register for the draft just as men are required to now. The bill was introduced by Rep. Hunter (R-CA) and Rep. Zinke (R-MT), both veterans. From the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and a Marine Corps veteran, said he is introducing the Draft Our Daughters Act to begin a conversation the administration should have had before lifting the ban on women in combat.

"It's unfortunate that a bill like this even needs to be introduced. And it's legislation that I might very well vote against should it be considered during the annual defense authorization process," Hunter said in a statement.

The bill would require women to register with the Selective Service within 90 days of either the passage of the bill or the lifting of the combat ban, which occurred late last year.

"It's wrong and irresponsible to make wholesale changes to the way America fights its wars without the American people having a say on whether their daughters and sisters will be on the front lines of combat," Hunter said in a statement. "If this administration wants to send 18- to 20-year-old women into combat, to serve and fight on the front lines, then the American people deserve to have this discussion through their elected representatives."

Now, Hunter and Zinke are not in favor of drafting women, they are opposed to the Pentagon opening all combat roles to women last year, however, is does raise an interesting question.

Campaign for Liberty, of course, believes that no one should be required to register for the draft. Ron Paul wrote on this subject a few years ago.

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