GOP Turncoats Support Internet Sales Taxes

Friday's vote on Senator Enzi's (R-WY) so-called "Marketplace Fairness Act" was a gift for the liberty movement.

Before Friday, it wasn't clear where the Senate stood on what really ought to be called the National Internet Tax Mandate.

Thanks to their vote, now we know... and it wasn't pretty for Senate Republicans.

Twenty-six Senate R's sided with Senators Alexander, Durbin, and Enzi to embrace the tax-and-spend status quo, flip the original intent of the Commerce Clause on its head, and "deputize" small online retailers as states' "tax collectors."

Click here to see how your representative voted.

Below, we've assembled a list of Republican senators who voted in favor of Enzi's amendment, along with a variety of contact methods. If you live in their state, reach out to them and let them know you do not appreciate them supporting higher taxes, particularly pernicious ones that target the last free market environment we have -- the Internet.

Name State Phone # Contact Form Twitter Election
Lamar Alexander TN 202-224-4944 Email http://twitter.com/senalexander 2014
Roy Blunt MO 202-224-5721 Email http://twitter.com/RoyBlunt 2016
John Boozman AR 202-224-4843 Email http://twitter.com/JohnBoozman 2016
Richard Burr NC 202-224-3154 Email http://twitter.com/SenatorBurr 2016
Saxby Chambliss GA 202-224-3521 Email 2014
Tom Coburn OK 202-224-5754 Email http://twitter.com/TomCoburn 2016
Thad Cochran MS 202-224-5054 Email https://twitter.com/senthadcochran 2014
Susan Collins ME 202-224-2523 Email http://twitter.com/senatorcollins 2014
Bob Corker TN 202-224-3344 Email http://twitter.com/senbobcorker 2018
Mike Crapo ID 202-224-6142 Email https://twitter.com/mikecrapo 2016
Mike Enzi WY 202-224-3424 Email http://twitter.com/senatorenzi 2014
Deb Fischer NE 202-224-6551 Email 2018
Lindsey Graham SC 202-224-5972 Email http://twitter.com/GrahamBlog 2014
John Hoeven ND 202-224-2551 Email https://twitter.com/SenJohnHoeven 2016
Johnny Isakson GA 202-224-3643 Email http://twitter.com/JohnnyIsakson 2016
Mike Johanns NE 202-224-4224 Email http://twitter.com/Mike_Johanns 2014
Mark Kirk IL 202-224-2854 Email http://twitter.com/SENATORKIRK 2016
John McCain AZ 202-224-2235 Email http://twitter.com/SenJohnMcCain 2016
Jerry Moran KS 202-224-6521 Email http://twitter.com/jerrymoran 2016
Rob Portman OH 202-224-3353 Email http://twitter.com/robportman 2016
James Risch ID 202-224-2752 Email 2014
Jeff Sessions AL 202-224-4124 Email http://twitter.com/SenatorSessions 2014
Richard Shelby AL 202-224-5744 Email http://twitter.com/RichardShelby 2016
John Thune SD 202-224-2321 Email http://twitter.com/johnthune 2016
Roger Wicker MS 202-224-6253 Email http://twitter.com/rogerwicker 2018

If you didn't see Friday's late evening email recapping the fight over Enzi's amendment, read it here.

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