What is Jennifer Wexton hiding?

Dear Friend,

I don't know about you, but I don't trust a candidate for public office who won't give straight answers to simple questions.

For instance: "Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?”

In other words, do you support the fundamental right of law-abiding citizens to carry firearms concealed?

And: Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

Simply said, will you vote against higher taxes and fees?

Both of these important questions are on our candidate survey, and you deserve an answer for all candidates.

I have some good news, though.

In Senate District 33, Republican Steven Hollingshead stood up for liberty and responded to our survey — answering 100% pro-liberty.

But I also have some bad news...

Democrat Jennifer Wexton chose to ignore the survey we sent her.

While there is still time, will you contact Jennifer Wexton at 703-672-3696 and ask her to return the Campaign for Liberty survey?

It is vital we get every candidate for the Virginia Legislature on record on these important liberty issues - now.  This is the time when politicians are really paying attention to what their constituents want.  And now is the time to begin holding them accountable.

But it isn't the only time.  This is only the first step.  But it is an important first step.

Keeping a watchful eye on our elected officials is vital to holding them accountable.

But their job as candidates is to let us know where they stand on important issues.

So please contact Jennifer Wexton at 703-672-3696. Demand she complete and return the Campaign for Liberty survey.

You deserve straight answers to important liberty questions.

You can view current survey results by clicking here.

In Liberty,

Michael Wood
State Coordinator
Virginia Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Campaign for Liberty does not support, oppose, or endorse candidates for office.  The goal of the Campaign for Liberty survey is only for keeping candidates true to their word should they be elected.  It should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidate.

You are encouraged to research each of your candidates to make an informed decision on their positions.

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