Delaware C4L Defeats Local Tax Scheme!

A quick congratulations is in order for our Delaware C4L team, as they successfully beat back three out of four proposals that included tax increases and pay raises for local politicians in the Newark City Council meeting on the evening of Monday, December 9.

By his account, Delaware State Coordinator Eric Boye described how C4L’s New Castle County Coordinator, Brett Zingarelli, rallied with dozens of other concerned citizens, peppering the politicians with questions, objections, and speeches in opposition for over six hours, despite over a foot of snow being on the ground outside.

When it was all over, a 1.5% property tax increase was outright defeated, along with the politicians' proposed 21% pay raise for the council members and 25% raise for the mayor; unfortunately, a 7.2% water rate hike -- the third utility rate hike this year -- passed.

Another pernicious tax, known as the "rain tax" was tabled for consideration until 7pm on February 24th. It's important that local supporters of C4L mark their calendars and turn out to the Newark City Council meeting to voice their opposition to the "rain tax."

Congratulations again to Eric and his team, and if you're a Delaware resident, be sure to get in touch with Eric if you are interested in becoming a local leader.

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