Just Say No...

... To Feinstein's "Cosmetic Features Ban" of 157 specifically named "scary looking" rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Despite the Senator's claims, these guns were never intended for military use. Skimming through the list, one will spot numerous rifles that fire .22 caliber rounds - more suitable at a firing range for entertainment and hunting critters like rabbits and squirrels than a battlefield.

These are not "assault weapons" - they are not designed for combat - the only similarity of these firearms to military weapons is their cosmetic features.

In their frenzy to "do something" following the horrific tragedy in Newton, the political class is allowing emotion to trump reason.

Never letting a good crisis go to waste, Rahm Emanuel is pressuring banks like TD Bank and Bank of America to stop lending money to gun manufacturers unless they support the new gun ban.

If these banks cave to these bullying tactics by the Mayor of Chicago, gun owners should boycott, and refuse to keep their funds in banks seeking to exert undue political influence over the gun industry.

Photo Taken from Facebook, the Caption at the top could easily read: "Gun-Grabber-Logic"


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