Rove's Cronies Lobby for the National Internet Tax Mandate

One of the proponents of the Internet Tax Mandate is a group called "Americans for Job Security." Americans for Job Security is located in Suite 55, Canal Street, Alexandria, VA, space they share with a number of media and political consulting firms, such as the Black Rock Group, Crossroads Media, WWP Strategies, and Target Point Consulting.

Americans for Job Security appears to be working with at least one of its neighbors in trying to raise the prices of goods sold over the Internet. Red State recently reported on a pro-National Internet Tax Mandate e-mail from "Americans for Job Security" that linked to a broken Black Rock URL. It should not be surprising that "Americans for Job Security" would work with Black Rock Group, as they share more than an address.  One of the co-founders of Americans for Job Security is Michael Dubke, who also runs the Black Rock Group with Carl Forti. Forti is political director of Karl Rove's American Crossroads, while Dubke also runs Crossroads Media, which does media work for American Crossroads.

It makes senses that Karl Rove's cronies would be lobbying to pass the Internet Tax Mandate, as the mandate is bad policy and supporting it will further alienate the liberty movement from the GOP establishment.  After all, the same people support Karl Rove's efforts to ensure only establishment-approved candidates win GOP primaries.

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