SBA spends tax dollars to promote Internet Sales Taxes

The Obama administration recently used your tax dollars to advocate for the "Marketplace Fairness Act," more accurately called the National Internet Sales Tax Act. The push came in the form of a taxpayer-funded "study" by the United States Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy pended by   two pro-Internet tax economists from the University of Tennessee.

The SBA Office of Advocacy spent 80 billion of your money on this pro-tax propaganda which recycles the same old discredited arguments for taxing the internet. Even though the bureaucrats that used your money to fund this report are supposed to educate congress and other federal agencies on how legislation and regulations impact  small businesses, the report ignores how small business will be harmed by out-of-state tax collection and enforcement powers. In fact, the report explicitly denies that forcing small business to comply with tax laws of other states does not raise any due process concerns! I guess the principle of "no taxation without representation" doesn't apply in the Internet age.

For a more realistic look at how the Internet Sales Tax will effect small business read Dr. Paul's September 23 Texas Straight Talk "Internet Sales Taxes Could Crush Small Businesses."

Campaign for Liberty will continue to oppose all versions of the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate.

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