Senator Cruz Joins Senator Paul in Calling for Vote on Audit the Fed

Today, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in calling for a vote on Audit the Fed (S.209) before the Senate considers Janet Yellen's nomination to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve. From Senator Cruz's website:

I agree with Rand Paul:  before the Senate votes on whether to confirm Janet Yellen, we should at the very least allow a vote on the Audit the Fed bill. The Federal Reserve has expanded our money supply by trillions, benefitting Wall Street but making life harder for millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. Never-ending quantitative easing threatens to undermine the dollar and to drive up prices on everyday goods from food to gasoline to the basic necessities of life. We need to bring transparency to the Fed, so the American people can understand the scope and consequences of its policies.

Campaign for Liberty is leading the fight to audit the Federal Reserve. Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) introduced H.R 24, “The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013” in the 113th Congress. The bill currently has 172 cosponsors. Senator Rand Paul  introduced companion legislation, S. 209, which currently has 27 cosponsors. Tell you Representative and Senators to cosponsor today: 202-224-3121!

Help Campaign for Liberty Turn up the Heat on Congress!

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