Time for a "School Revolution"

Dr. Ron Paul's new book, The School Revolution, is out today!

From the book's introduction:

More often than not, we do things a certain way in America strictly because they've already been done that way.  Of course, we tinker with policies and institutions here and there, but generally speaking, we don't want to rock the boat too much.  The feeling in government seems to be that if something is up and running, ill-conceived though it may be, it should be left by and large intact.  The idea of fundamentally altering institutions is almost unthinkable to the powers that run our country.  In the case of education - well, we have schools, we have education laws, and we have education policy on the books, so even though the education of youth is one of the most crucial aspects of life and paramount to the future of our country, a real look at the nuts and bolts is never really on the table.  But it is for me, and it should be for you, too.

Get your copy today at Amazon.com!

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