Vote Expected Tomorrow on Internet Sales Taxes

In case you missed the latest update on the National Internet Tax Mandate, I've copied John Tate's email in full below:

Right now, big corporations are putting enormous pressure on your senators to hike your taxes and smother their smaller competition.

In fact, from what inside sources are telling me, C4L members and other liberty-minded Americans’ efforts against the National Internet Tax Mandate have been so successful,the establishment is desperate to ram a vote through before they lose any more support.

You and I can deliver the knockout blow to this statist attack, but victory will require your immediate action.

Latest reports indicate that senators who support the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” are planning to force a full Senate vote on Internet taxes this Wednesday.

No matter how you dress it up, the National Internet Tax Mandate is bad news for small businesses and taxpayers.

This Mandate:

•   Allows states to tax businesses without any “physical presence” in their state, ignoring the standard established by the Supreme Court in Quill v. North Dakota.

•   Essentially provides big-spending governors with new bailout money through the federal government imposing more taxes on their citizens. Virginia’s “Tax Hike Bob” McDonnell is even counting on it to help fund his transportation boondoggle!

•   Forces you to pay higher taxes if you buy goods online, even if you live in a state with no sales taxes!

•   Removes any downward pressure on sales tax rates, since many individuals and businesses required to pay them will be located out of state and have little, if any, recourse against politicians who hike tax rates.

•   Frees tax collectors in one state to pursue retailers across state lines.

Ripping more money away from taxpayers and plaguing small businesses with additional regulations is exactly the kind of shoot-yourself-in-the-foot economic logic the American people have come to expect from Congress these days.

But you and I don’t have to stand idly by and just hope the Senate rejects the Internet tax bill.

Here are three concrete actions you can take today to stand up to the statists:

1.  Contact your senators and urge them to vote against ANY attempt to pass or support the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act,” whether in full as an amendment to the Senate budget resolution, as a standalone bill, or as a “sense of the Senate.”

2.  Sign our “No National Internet Tax” petition if you have not yet done so – or forward the link to a friend if you have already filled it out.

3.  Donate just $10 to help Campaign for Liberty spread the word through mail, email, and social and traditional media to mobilize more Americans to defend the Internet from tax hikes and other establishment power grabs.

You can find contact information for your senators here.

Timothy, I know I’ve asked you to take action a lot during these early months of 2013.

But that’s because big-spending politicians are wasting no time waging war on our freedoms and clawing for every last cent hardworking Americans earn.

If you and I don’t fight back, who will?

I don’t want to surrender one inch of ground to those who seemingly do nothing else than dream up new ways to invade our lives.

And a victory tomorrow would send another strong signal that liberty-minded Americans are no longer tolerating business as usual.

Please take the three steps listed above today and fight the National Internet Tax Mandate.

In Liberty,

John Tate

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