More Rights

At a state prison, where there are thousands of idle individuals, most of whom are bored to death, one would think that having something to do during the day would be a priviledge.  Inmates are utilized to assist in the repair and [...]

To be without a Foundation

 The Foundation of this United States of American is in the Declaration of Independence and is the most significant definition of a Republic in existence. Today this definition is hardly visible because in truth the document as created is [...]

DeMint Flavored "Tea": Sen. Jim DeMint's new book - and the Q&A that never was.

 At the end of July, Senator Jim DeMint's camp contacted me to ask if I would be interested in engaging the senator in a Q&A or reviewing his new book, The Great American Awakening. Obviously, I was surprised and honored the [...]

Gaudeamus Ignoratio

My title is lousy Latin--it's supposed to mean "In Praise of Ignorance" but if it doesn't actually mean that, who cares? This is the Era of the Ignoranus : the non-thinking, unaware, sphincter-like person who emits pollution [...]

Lost our son in Kandahar this week.

Hi C4L, Today I had to post something here, just feeling hurt and numb.We were informed our son was killed in Kandahar, Afgahnastan this week.I didn't know how to control my emotions. After the men told us that he was killed, I became [...]

Got Milk?

Dear Todd,Right now raw milk, milk taken directly from cows, is illegal.Farmers can be fined, taken to court and even jailed for selling a product to willing consumers.Does that make any sense to you? Me neither.Right now is the time for us to [...]

Senator Paul on Lou Dobbs

Last night, Senator Paul was on Fox Business discussing jobs, and the unruly regulatory behemoths that make up the federal government.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdkuynrqv20&t=4m57s

The HUGE African American migration from the democratic party to the Tea Party and why racist should fear it.

        Recently  when the news broke about the federal government making deals with cartels in a cocaine for guns deal and the  reality that this has been going on for 30 years in a fake drug war, [...]

Every year, the city of Lancaster, CA holds an alfalfa fair and festival. It

Pat McGeehan versus Charleston

 For anyone who knows the common denominator of the West Virginia political culture, it is that its state capital in Charleston loves to control. In government terms, this means taxing and regulating, or taking money or property from its [...]