Will Spotsylvania Supervisors Throw Taxpayers a Curveball?

Dear Patriot, I wanted to thank you for the liberty victory last Tuesday night at the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors meeting. As you know, consultants and special interest groups were trying to sneak through a risky $42 million loan for [...]

Gas Tax Wall of Shame

Here are the 26 Senators on the “Hall of Shame” for voting to give the $800 million annual gas tax hike “Special Order” status. They need to hear from you! Thomas Alexander [email protected] (803) 212-6220 Karl Allen [...]

It’s Election Season. Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand?

Are you tired of not knowing where candidates really stand on critical liberty issues? Campaign season is upon us, and we’ve all heard the political rhetoric that comes with it. Many of our legislators have gotten comfortable spewing [...]

Red Light Camera Ban Bill in danger

Texas C4L has made great strides in fighting the dangerous and unconstitutional red light cameras in Texas. For the first time the Texas Senate Transportation Committee has voted for a ban bill to be sent to the floor of the Senate. SB 714 is a [...]

South Metro Campaign for Liberty Meeting This Thursday.

State Senators Julianne Ortman and Eric Pratt are plotting a massive power grab to silence the grassroots caucus system.   Come this Thursday to hear about their plans to eliminate the caucuses and consolidate their power.  Then learn how [...]

SC Senate Republicans for $800 million tax hike?

Thursday, 18 Senate Republicans proposed an $800 million tax hike! Yes, you read that right; Senate Republicans have proposed the biggest tax hike in SC history! A couple of the names on the list may shock you! The biggest part of this tax [...]

Rising Tide on Virginia Beach Taxpayers?

Dear Patriot, “I’ll be the first to admit that light rail is not going to reduce congestion.” That’s what Virginia Transportation Secretary - and chief light rail apologist - Aubrey Layne said about extending the Norfolk Tide to the [...]

Five things everyone should know about the May 5th Ballot Proposal

Proposal 1, which is being branded by supporters as a "road funding package." However, Proposal 1 is much more than just a "road funding package". It is a package of ten bills that makes dozens of changes to the constitution and laws [...]

ButtreyCare Blasted to the Senate Floor

In an unprecedented move, Republican Senator Ed Buttrey blasted his own ObamaCare expansion bill (S.B. 405) to the Senate floor. It will be voted on by the full Senate TODAY, March 27. It’s critical you call your State Senator RIGHT NOW, [...]

Another ObamaCare Threat

Last week, Governor Walker presented two stand-alone bills to expand Medicaid, and they’ve now been formally introduced in the legislature. At the beginning of legislative session, the governor had included ObamaCare expansion in the state [...]