Stay Strong. Nullify!

Because of your support we have a victory. Governor Walker has refused to implement ObamaCare exchanges. Step one is done.  Now on to step two: Nullification. State nullification means that the states can and must refuse to enforce [...]

Red light camera ban Bill wording

Prohibiting the Use of Photo Enforcement Systems. A. No traffic complaint, notice of violation or other legal form of civil or criminal charge or citation shall be issued or filed in the state of Arizona for an alleged violation of this Title [...]

Are You Doing What It Takes To Restore Liberty?

As we are fast approaching the November elections, it is time for each of you to demonstrate your leadership in the community. By now, absentee ballots are out and more voters will be asking questions about candidates and issues. Part [...]

Small Business for ObamaCare, Really?

Do you think ObamaCare will help small businesses? Yeah, me neither. Higher taxes, more mandates, and a slew of other government mandates will make small business tougher, not easier. Then why are the National Federation of Independent [...]

Red Light Camera Studies show increase in accidents

A 2008 University of South Florida report found: “Comprehensive studies conclude cameras actually increase crashes and injuries, providing a safety argument not to install them…. public policy should avoid conflicts of interest that [...]

Iowa Liberty Fest

Iowa's own "Liberty Mayor" Shawn Dietz in Hampton, IA (about 30 miles south of Mason City) is kicking off "Iowa Liberty Fest" next week--a week-long celebration in commemoration of the 225th signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, [...]