The Obama's: trying to have it both ways by "having their cake and eating it too"

     The evidence speaks for itself. Both Obama's worked the "born in Kenya" side from 1991 through 2007 as exposed by Breitbart, God rest his soul. Then for the Obama POTUS campaign they worked the "born in [...]

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Fox News—Student defends criticism of Obama after being berated by teacherFox news—Senate passes Iran sanctions billYahoo.com—Big Banks Resist New Limits Proposed by the Federal ReserveThe news Herald—Editorial: House vote [...]

Todd Young votes for NDAA and for unconsitutional detainment of citizens.

Seems Todd Young just used the campaign for liberty to get himself voted in office. He's voted YES to the NDAA act and the unconstitutional detainment of citizens. This guy needs to get a clue ! This crap can't be tolerated anymore!! All [...]

Los fans ayuda Barcelona agarr

Desde el Camp Nou en Barcelona 4-2, dos bolas ganando el Real Betis Barcelona, gan

Liberty NewsWire: May 22, 2012

The justices agreed to decide whether a challenge may proceed to a 2008 federal law that broadened the government’s power to monitor international communications. The law, an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, [...]

Liberty News Wire

Liberty NewswireNew York Times               ---Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case on SurveillanceChristian Science monitor--- NATO: European missile shield 'provisionally [...]

Obama for 16 years said, through his literary agent, he was "born in Keyna"

     How can Obama claim for more than 16 years he gave his birthplace as kenya, changing the bio four times during that period and twice as a Senator without expecting to be scrutinized by anyone and everyone? Since he became [...]

How to Play Online Pokies?

Playing pokies online is same as the playing pokies on a slot machine in a pub, club or casino. On a slot machine there is a coin chute or note acceptor for making bet. But in online pokies, you place your bet through the credit card. Online [...]

MEMORIAL DAY 2012-National Open Carry Day

Memorial Day 2012-National Open Carry DayOn this Memorial Day, join other Patriots in support of our 2nd Amendment rights. Honor those who have served this great country & those who have given their lives defending our rights. Openly carry [...]