eyes wide open

Since retirement I now have the time to read and be informed. OMG was I asleep as with most hardworking American.  Ron Paul was the first to open me up and from there me reading has just taken off. The Austrian school of Econ is the out of [...]

State Pre-Emption bill (H.F. 2114) moves to Iowa House Public Safety committee

Today, the full House Public Safety Committee is meeting to decide whether or not to pass the State Pre-Emption bill (H.F. 2114) on to the full House. Currently, as many as 13 counties in the state have enacted ordinances, resolutions, or [...]

The following Wisconsin Representatives have not cosponsored H.R. 459 Audit the Fed

 As of 2/5/2012Paul Ryan (R - 01)   202-225-3031 Ron Kind (D - 03)    202-225-5506 Gwen Moore (D - 04)  202-225-4572 

Michigan House Members who have not cosponsored H.R. 459 Audit the Fed

The following Michigan Representatives have not cosponsored H.R. 459 Audit the FedAs of 2/2/12Kildee, Dale    Phone: (202) 225-3611 Upton, Fred   202-225-3761Peters, Gary   202-225-5802Levin, Sandy   [...]

Big Brother is Watching - Bill to Ban Traffic Cameras Advances to Iowa House floor

Last week, the Iowa House Transportation Committee passed House File 2048 (HF 2048) on a 15-6 vote, clearing it for debate on the House floor (as HF 2214).The bill would bar cities and the state from installing automated traffic camera systems [...]


  The central feature of Romney's economic proposal are five immediate proposals upon assuming office.  These five proposals are as follows:1.  Reduce the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent2.  Reinstate the [...]

Washington State tells Senator Levin, McCain,Graham their NDAA 2012 is unconstitutional and legislate protection for Washington State

Hope Campaign for Liberty does not remove this post or censure it for violating terms of use like they have done for my other posts. I guess only the authorized blowhard mouthpieces for liberty can have an opinion anymore, the rest of us can just [...]

They're Back, and They Want Your Guns

The Illinois legislature is back in session, and your rights are already under assault.While many state legislatures are working to loosen gun restrictions and some are even adopting Constitutional Carry laws, Illinois remains the most [...]

Limited Government Non-interventionism

America needs jobs. A government committed to free enterprise, limited government, and individual freedom, and not to more borrowing and spending, can properly help. To help unleash the private sector to invest and create jobs, Congress should [...]