Senate PIPA Cosponsors

Lamar AlexanderTNKelly AyotteNHMichael BennetCOJeff BingamanNMRichard BlumenthalCTRoy BluntMOJohn BoozmanARBarbara BoxerCASherrod BrownOHBen CardinMDRobert Casey PASaxby ChamblissGAThad CochranMSChris CoonsDEBob CorkerTNDick DurbinILMichael [...]


Tired of asking my representive to represent me, to no avail... have letter telling me he's going the other way.  HEY, i elected you!Tired of seeing my 83 year old mother worry about getting the social security she paid in.  And [...]

Dragging Higher Education Down

Although it received little press attention, the federal government effectively seized control of all college student loans as part of the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare). The government intervention in higher education has had just as [...]

Fundamental Change In Washington

   There is a pressing need for fundamental change in Washington DC or the Federal Government. President Obama promised such change but couldn't deliver it. Except for "Obama care" his policies were all continuations of [...]

Give me Liberty

I found your website after I received an email asking for signatures on a petition to stop the public ban on smoking.  I agree that this has NOTHING to do with health; it's all about personal freedom.  What will they ban [...]

House SOPA Cosponsors

Mark AmodeiNV-2Joe BacaCA-43John BarrowGA-12Karen BassCA-33Howard BermanCA-28Marsha BlackburnTN-7Mary Bono MackCA-45John CarterTX-31Steve ChabotOH-1Judy ChuCA-32John ConyersMI-14Jim CooperTN-5Ted DeutchFL-19Elton GalleglyCA-24Bob GoodlatteVA-6Tim [...]

Liberty Steps On Throats of Collective Do Gooders

Anything you need from someone else is something they can hold above you and out of reach to be dispersed upon their conditions. Those who hold the prize being sought after have now successfully gained control over you. You should need nothing [...]

Do not increase the debt limit! Cut spending!

Obama reportedly is about to ask for yet another increase to the debt ceiling in a "matter of days."Didn't we just do that a few short weeks ago?Solve a debt problem with more debt? Yeah, that oughta work!The national debt is now as [...]

Where to acquire RP yard signs and bumper stickers?

Does anyone know where I can acquire RP yard signs and bumper stickers to distribute?

How to gather a large group.

What am I doing wrong.? The wife and I have gotten about 2000 positive drive by's. But no volunteers joining us.please help!!!