All Hands on Deck!

This is it.Tomorrow’s the big day!As Audit the Fed heads to the House floor under suspension of the rules, it’s vital all C4L members take action immediately.Needing two thirds of Congress to vote “YES” on your bill is no [...]

Date Set for Audit the Fed Vote!

I have some very exciting news!After years of C4L’s hard work to secure a standalone vote on Audit the Fed in the U.S. House, our day has arrived.C4L has learned that Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, our Audit the Fed bill, will be [...]

Senate Vote on DISCLOSE

Thanks to your help today, the First Amendment-shredding "DISCLOSE" Act was defeated by a vote of 51-44!The roll call is below.  (Note: Senator Reid voted "no" so he could reserve the right to bring the legislation back [...]

Oppose "DISCLOSE"!

As we mentioned earlier, the so-called “DISCLOSE” Act has been resurrected – and it’s scheduled for a cloture vote later today in the U.S. Senate!So please contact your senators through the Capitol Hill switchboard by [...]

The "DISCLOSE" Act is back!

I knew when you and I defeated the so-called

Liberty NewsWire: July 24, 2012

Ice-T: "Well, I'll give up my gun when everybody does. Doesn't that make sense? If there were guns here, would you want to be the only person without one?"Krishnan Guru-Murthy, anchor, Channel 4 News: "So do you carry guns [...]

Afternoon "DISCLOSE" Act Vote (UPDATED)

Around 3pm, the Senate will hold another vote on S. 3369, the so-called "DISCLOSE" Act. (UPDATE - The Senate failed to invoke cloture on the bill, 53-45.)While the Senate could certainly be debating more important issues, such as Audit [...]

Liberty NewsWire: July 17, 2012

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) on Monday ceremoniously signed four bills intended to make it harder for government to take property by eminent domain and to ensure that property owners are justly compensated when it does so. But McDonnell does [...]

Leveraging Aid to Pakistan

A recent article in The American Spectator by Reid Smith called "Turning off the Taxpayer Pipeline to Pakistan" contrasts the very different views on foreign aid to Pakistan between Sens. Carl Levin & Lindsey Graham on one [...]

Donate to Today's Audit the Fed Moneybomb!

Today is our chance to make a statement.It's an opportunity to show the world that after nearly 100 years of the Fed's policies eating away at our dollar's value and running America into one boom-bust cycle after another, we're [...]