Keep Me Informed

I notice that there are many running for office who have not responded to your survey.I live in an area where those running have not, and would like to be updated when yyour survey is updated.Thanks so much for this crucial information.I would [...]

Can Ron Paul win?

I see that my fellow Ron Paul supporters are loosing hope that he can win , first off no ones gonna no what the delegate count is intill the day of the convention now let me explain how it works , you have Primary States and than you have Caucus [...]

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Windows RT is ARM the workbench independent version, fake burberry bikini but this version is not retail, only in the use of the ARM processor preinstalled PC peace in the machine. This is Microsoft has always been a way to sell Windows [...]

Reply from Senator Anderson concerning DNR raiding family farms

Email reply from Senator Anderson concerning the DNR and it's invasive species order.  Recently, the DNR has raided family farms with guns to forcefully kill whole herds of hetitage breed pigs.To learn more about this issue click [...]

Better late than never:)

I have jst now signed up at Campaign for Liberty. Don't know why I didn't do this sooner!

What will happen if Ron Paul looses in Tampa the GOP Primary ?

Will , there are sevral things that are happing at this point that I should point out, first off the Demacratic and Republican Parties are not the only Political Parties in this Country , the 3 main Mior Parties begining in 3d Place , The [...]

MLB storm in Beijing

MLB is not only gathered lots of baseball fans but also attracted countless young sports and citizens. With their participation, the atmosphere in the scene was warm extremely. They completely enjoyed this baseball sports which is based on the [...]


Wide receiver Brandon - Stockley will return to Denver, and his old friend Gary Payton - Manning with effect for the Broncos. Stockley and the Broncos on Monday signed a one-year contract. In June of this year, he will turn 36 years old, 2003 - [...]

Message to share with non-internet users

This is a message to Tea Partiers, mostly, but to anyone who is feeling less than excited about the 2012 elections. I attended a Tea Party rally yesterday - the first one I had attended since way back in 2007. Back then, I found a group of [...]

National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order

On Friday evening, March 16, 2012, Barack Hussein Obama signed into existence “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” an Executive Order which enables the president possession of dictatorial powers over the nation and the American [...]