Why Republicans Are Going to Lose

My beloved Mother has not voted in at least 10 years, due to being deceased, but that didn’t stop the Republicans from sending her a 2012 Congressional District Census. They said she had been selected to represent voters of California's [...]

House Ways & Means Committee Hearing - Debra Medina to present property tax elimination proposal

Thursday, May 3 at 10:00 amTexas State Capital1100 Congress Ave (11th Street), Austin TX 78701, Austin, TXWe Texans (http://wetexans.com/ ) Executive Director Debra Medina has been invited to testify before the House Ways & Means Committee on [...]

One Rotten Human Spoils the Collectivist Utopia

Humans are mostly selfish creatures.  To motivate them to be better, you have to appeal to their selfish interests.  If they can live comfortably, while contributing very little to the greater good of the whole, many will gladly do [...]

USA Citizens to become slaves to the Fed Govt. with

     Just by being accused by IRS of owing $50K or more in back taxes a person can be prevented from traveling abroad. It is totally unconstitutional conflicting with USA Constitution forbidding "Bills of Attainder" [...]

Knock off jerseys expected to net revenue

In the first quarter of this year,Fake jerseys yahoo display advertising business performance core declined 4%. Regardless of the payment to partners of money, yahoo the first quarter net income of $1.077 billion, $1.064 billion in the same [...]

Current Cosponsors, HR 459

Update: Thanks for contacting Congress!  We reached our goal of obtaining more than 218 cosponsors and now stand at 223.Keep those calls going until we secure a stand-alone roll call vote on the House floor!Original Post:Audit the Fed [...]

Nullifying the Fugitive Slave Act

Before the Civil War, northern states defied the federal government by refusing to enforce one of the most repugnant laws ever enacted in U.S. history.Although the concepts of states’ rights and nullification are historically associated [...]

Corporate Law

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SAVE THE DATE!!Iowa C4L Central Iowa MeetingSaturday, April 28th1:00 - 4:00 PMGrimes Community Complex410 SE Main St.Grimes, IA 50111More details to come, stay tuned....To RSVP, please go to our website. For Liberty,Dusty JuhlInterim State [...]


Wow. I just discovered a remarkable movement called "Thrive." It's about the beauty of the Universe, a consistent pattern of energy, successful applications of said pattern resulting in FREE ENERGY, the suppression of these [...]