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Liberty at the Movies: Hunger Games: The MockingJay

Those who enjoy good movies with libertarian themes should not miss Mockingjay, the third and second-to-last movie in The Hunger Games series. For those unfamiliar with the series, Hunger Games takes place in a dystopian society consisting of 12 districts, which are ruled over by an authoritarian Capitol. The residents of the districts live lives of poverty […]

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Lame Ducks raises taxes on Duck Hunters

Last week, the Lame Duck Congress voice voted a $119 million tax hike on…duck hunters. The House did this by passing the ” Federal Duck Stamp Act of 2014″ (HR 5069), which raised the “fee” hunters must pay to obtain a permit to hunt on federally-owned land from $15 to $25. Of course, supporters of […]

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Campaign for Liberty to Congress: Preserve Internet Freedom

Campaign for Liberty has joined a collation of free-market groups in signing a letter to the House and Senate leadership opposing the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act,” legislation that would impose a federal ban on online gambling. This legislation not only tramples state’s rights for the benefit for one billionaire casino owner, it infringes on […]

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Will the Internet Tax Mandate ruin (ugly) Christmas Sweaters?

Bloomberg Businessweek has an interesting story on “The Big Business of Ugly Christmas Sweaters.”  The article points out how many small businesses and online entrepreneurs are profiting from selling “ugly” Christmas sweaters: The novelty item has been especially good for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Anne Marie Blackman, a former stay-at-home mom with a background in […]

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Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act is a Victory for Freedom

It will not shock readers to hear that quite often legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised. When Congress wants to do something particularly objectionable, they tend give it a fine-sounding name. The PATRIOT Act is perhaps the best-known example. The legislation had been drafted well before 9/11 but was going nowhere. Then the […]

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