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Ted Cruz: Senate Must Pass Audit the Fed

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently penned an op-ed in USA Today proposing an agenda for the Senate. A prominent part of Senator Cruz’s agenda is passage of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill: Seventh, audit the Federal Reserve. Americans are seeing near-zero interest rates on their savings accounts while median incomes are falling, and millions of […]

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WATCH: David Warrington at LPAC 2014

C4L General Counsel David Warrington addressed attendees at the 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference on Friday, September 19th, at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. Warrington spoke on C4L’s ongoing fight with the IRS.

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Ron Paul Talks Legalizing Online Gambling with Poker Players Alliance

Listen to C4L Chairman talk to the Poker Players Alliance about legalizing online gambling. Interview here.

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Ron Paul Talks Fed Statement on Fox Business

C4L Chairman Ron Paul discusses the latest action by the Fed on Fox Business with Melissa Francis: Watch the latest video at

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US Taxpayers paying Social Security to Nazis

Remember this the next time Nancy Pelosi says, “The cupboard is bare. There is nothing left to cut.” Suspected Nazi war criminals are receiving Social Security benefits, funded by US Taxpayers. From The BBC: The US government has paid dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals millions of dollars in Social Security benefits after forcing them to […]

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