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Campaign for Liberty is giving away a brand new Colt LE6920MP-B AR-15 equipped with a red dot sight....

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Kane podcast on the Internet Sales Tax Mandate

In case you missed it, here is Lew Rockwell’s recent podcast on the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate with Glenn “Kane” Jacobs. Thanks Glenn for mentioning that Campaign for Liberty is leading the fight against the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate.

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John Tate Statement on Internet Tax Mandate Passing Senate

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate released the following statement after Senate Passage of the Internet Tax Mandate: “When Campaign for Liberty began this fight, there were only two Senators who publicly opposed this job-destroying legislation, and some very powerful special interests lined up behind the bill. Even with Harry Reid’s efforts to fast-track […]

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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul’s latest Texas Straight Talk on the Federal Reserve: Last week at its regular policy-setting meeting, the Federal Reserve announced it would double down on the policies that have failed to produce anything but a stagnant economy. It was a disappointing, but not surprising, move. The Fed affirmed […]

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Senate Votes on Internet Tax Mandate Today! (Updated with Roll Call)

As C4L President John Tate wrote in his action alert to C4L members this morning, “Harry Reid is hell-bent on RAMMING the Internet Tax Mandate through the Senate.” We’ve noted previously how eager Senator Reid has been to force this legislation through the upper chamber, using a procedural move to skip the committee process and […]

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Ron Paul and Glenn “Kane” Jacobs on the Internet Sales Tax

In case you missed it, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul responded to National Retail Federation President David French’s statement that the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate was needed to correct a flaw in the Constitution, since the Constitution is an “18th Century Document.” Also, here is Glenn “Kane” Jacobs’ latest column on the why […]

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