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GOP Senate Leader McConnell seeking to get a vote on Audit the Fed

This morning, Republican Senate  Leader Mitch McConnell told Louisville, Kentucky, radio talk-show host Mandy Connell that he was working with fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to find a way around Harry Reid’s obstructionism and force the Senate to vote on Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill (S. 209). Campaign for Liberty members should call their […]

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Rand Paul to Put Hold on Brennan Nomination

On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul announced he is planning to put a “hold” on John Brennan’s nomination to be the next Director of the CIA.  As liberty-minded Americans have raised concerns over Mr. Brennan’s history of supporting executive power grabs like targeted drone strikes, Senator Paul has sought answers to key questions that must be […]

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Karl Rove’s Campaign Against Liberty

… would be a better name than “Conservative Victory Fund” for Karl Rove’s new organization – or maybe Karl Rove should call it the “Big Government Conservative Victory Fund.”  The new group’s purpose is to ensure only candidates that Karl  Rove and his cronies and donors consider “electable” win Republican primaries.  However, Karl Rove’s track […]

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John Tate Responds to President Obama’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today, Campaign for Liberty released the following statement from John Tate in response to President Obama’s Executive Order on so-called “cybersecurity”: “Yesterday, President Obama unilaterally increased the federal government’s power over the Internet and threatened the online privacy of every American citizen with the stroke of a pen. This is nothing more than […]

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Hemp: America’s Growing Opportunity

By: David Heacock The use of industrial hemp has a rich heritage in America of providing people with inventive, affordable, and sustainable solutions to the needs of society. So, why has hemp production been virtually prohibited for decades in the U.S.? Even though smoking hemp does not get a person ”high,” hemp’s biological similarity to […]

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