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Attorney General Eric Holder finally replied to Senator Paul’s request on whether the administration believed the President could authorize a lethal drone strike on American soil. It’s hard to believe this was his actual response, but then again, given this administration’s sordid past – particularly in the DOJ – perhaps it’s not too surprising. Holder replied to […]

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New Rand Paul bill makes sure Senators (and public) can read the bills before the vote

As most Americans were ringing in 2013, the Senate was voting on tax-and-spend “fiscal cliff” legislation, even though most senators did not even get a chance to read the bill before the vote. Bringing legislation to the floor before most senators and representatives had a chance to read it is an all too common practice in Washington. […]

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America’s first entrepreneur — George Washington

John Berlau, Senior Fellow for Finance and Access to Capital at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, commemorates Washington’s birthday by highlighting a little-known facet of Washington’s life: his career as an entrepreneur. Among his other achievements, Washington built one of America’s earliest and most successful whiskey distilleries. As Mr. Berlau points out, Washington’s history of entrepreneurship […]

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Is Harry Reid Speaker?

Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed legislation renewing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). VAWA is a noble-sounding bill (who could oppose stopping violence?) that involves the federal government in areas where it has no constitutional authority.  After all, the United States Constitution creates only three federal crimes: treason, piracy, and counterfeiting.  Outside of […]

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Kerry Bentivolio introduces Ron Paul’s Protect Small Business Act

Michigan Representative Kerry Bentivollo (MI-11) has introduced Ron Paul’s Protect Small Business Jobs Act (HR 746). This common-sense legislation, first introduced by then-Representative and current Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul in 2011, gives small businesses a six-month grace period to correct any violations of federal regulations before the federal government can levy any fines […]

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