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WATCH: Ron Paul Interview with Larry King

Larry King interviewed Ron Paul the other day on Ebola and Audit the Fed. Watch below!

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Obama names lawyer and political consultant Ebola Czar

Today President Obama named Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s former chief of staff and well-known DC attorney, Ebola Czar. While having an Ebola Czar really won’t do anything to solve the crisis, if we are going to have one, can it at least be someone with a medical background? From NBC News: Klain is a former […]

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NIH and CDC claim they have no money to handle Ebola

House lawmakers grilled CDC and NIH representatives yesterday in a hearing on the ongoing Ebola crisis. Democrats on the committee repeated over and over that we would have been better able to handle Ebola if it weren’t for budget cuts. Even the NIH Director Francis Collins said recently, “Frankly, if we had not gone through […]

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English, IRS. Do you speak it?

Maybe not…according to a Federal Audit of the IRS by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General, not only did the IRS fail to keep a full list of all the messages it sent to taxpayers, but about half of the messages and two-thirds of the notices the Inspector General examined “where” flawed. These messages either did […]

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Justin Amash LPAC 2014 Speech

Watch Justin Amash address 2014 LPAC attendees:

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