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Liberty NewsWire: June 11, 2012

On Jan. 28, 2009, a week after Obama’s nomination, the Fed owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury securities. On April 25, 2012, the latest date reported, the Fed owned five and a half time that much in U.S. Treasury securities–$1.668 trillion.– Federal Reserve CNS News – Top Customer: Under Obama, Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt […]

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Marco Rubio: A Hawks’ Hawk

In a foreign policy speech before the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio again displayed that he is nothing more than a neoconservative hawk who would love to send America's sons and daughters into a new field of battle against Iran, Syria, or any other perceived threat to American hegemony. Marco Rubio is […]

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Liberty NewsWire: June 8, 2012

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon doesn't mince words when it comes to the war on drugs. "It has been a failure," he told The Huffington Post. "It hasn't reduced drug use in any significant way. It's not good public policy. It hasn't worked." Gascon made his comments in the wake of a drug reform […]

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U.S. Debt Set to Skyrocket

The Washington Times recently reported the CBO is projecting Washington’s debt to reach 200 percent of GDP in fewer than two decades. But even more significant than this are the harsh reviews the CBO has for Congress’ response to the economic downturn, calling it “devastating”: Federal debt as a percentage of GDP — a standard measure […]

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Liberty NewsWire: June 6, 2012

Russia and China are decisively against attempts to regulate the Syrian crisis with outside military intervention, as well as imposing a policy of regime change, including within the Security Council," it said.–AFP Foreign Policy AFP – Russia, China Come Out Strongly Against Syria Action Individual Liberty Washington Post – Vouchers and the future of public […]

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