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DOJ Releases Documents on Bush-Era “Gun Walking”

Politico is reporting the Justice Department released memos today on a Bush-era "gun walking" operation known as "Wide Receiver" conducted between 2006-2007.  Eric Holder made the documents public in response to a subpoena for documents on "Operation Fast & Furious" by Rep. Darrell Issa. It's clear this is simply an attempt by Holder and the DOJ […]

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Obama Appoints Cordray to CFPB – UPDATED

In a controversial, more-than-likely unconstitutional move, President Obama attempted to use a "recess appointment" to put Richard Cordray in place as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.   The questionable appointment is likely to be challenged in court since the Senate is not actually in "recess." David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner writes: Article […]

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Liberty NewsWire – January 3, 2011

TEHRAN — Iran’s army chief on Tuesday warned a nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf, as Iran’s navy ended 10 days of tense war games in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Defense Department promptly rejected the warning. – The Washington Post Iran Issues Another Warning – The Washington Post $5+ […]

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Iraq: It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Remember that great success in Iraq?  A wonderful multi-ethnic democracy which would highlight American freedom values around the region?  Oops! It appears that a second round of de facto ethnic cleansing is occurring.  Back during the worst of the sectarian violence mixed neighborhoods largely disappeared from Baghdad.  Now the few that remain are seeing an […]

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Happy New Year! Obama Signs NDAA

On New Years Eve, while the majority of Americans were engaging in the revelry that surrounds the holiday, President Obama was quietly signing away Americans civil liberties while at the same time griping about Congress trying to restrict his "counterterrorism policies." The President's veto threat over the NDAA was never because he worried about Congress […]

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