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Stop Internet Censorship!

In the government's latest attempt to break the internet in order to "fix" it, the House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today on SOPA (H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Privacy Act), an overly broad bill that would jeopardize entire segments of the web at the discretion of prosecutors and judges. SOPA is a House counter-part […]

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Penalizing American Torturers

Washington long has placed sanctions on other governments and officials of other governments.  Now Russia is striking back.  Reports the Moscow Times: An unpleasant surprise might await the next White House or Pentagon official who decides to go sightseeing in Moscow or take a dip at Sochi's beaches: no visa. The Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that it has banned entry for unspecified senior U.S. […]

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UPDATED: Latest on the NDAA Conference Report!

Due to intense grassroots pressure against the detainee provisions contained in the National Defense Authorization Act Conference Report, House leadership almost pulled the report from today's agenda rather than see it defeated on the House floor!  Instead, after appearing to have pulled it and voting began on a series of other bills, it was announced […]

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Liberty NewsWire – December 14, 2011

"The protester" has been named Time's Person of the Year. – The Huffington Post Time Names "The Protester" as Person of the Year – The Huffington Post NTSB Wants All States to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving – USA Today U.S. Seeks More Advisory Role in Afghanistan – Los Angeles Times Broward County, FL, […]

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UPDATED: Senators Paul & Lee Support a Strong BBA

On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on two balanced budget amendment's to the Constitution.  One, is S.J.Res. 10, a solid BBA that all 47 Republicans are supporting, and S.J.Res. 24, a compromise proposal which never actually requires a balanced budget. Senator Paul spoke on the floor today urging members to support a strong BBA to […]

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