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Senator Paul to host Regulatory Roundtable

Editors note: During LPAC 2011, Senator Paul discussed his plans for holding an "unofficial hearing" to allow Americans who've had their property rights ignored by the federal government's regulatory regime.  Below is the event info from Senator Paul's office, along with a video Senator Paul shot to discuss this upcoming event.   WASHINGTON, D.C. – On […]

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Cato: 10 Years in Afghanistan

The Cato Institute has produced a sobering analysis which highlights the consequences in Afghanistan after 10-years of United States military intervention. "We have encouraged a centralized, nationalized government in what is essentially a pre-national society.  And that does make room for the Taliban."

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Audit the Fed Hearing & Wrap-up

As we continue to add features to our new website, one of the newest editions is our Featured Articles in the top left column.   That's where you'll find today's writeup about the Audit the Fed hearing in Congressman Paul's Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee hearing. Stay tuned for more information about Audit the Fed and […]

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Bernanke on Cuts

Bernanke Warns Congress Not to Cut Too Much Now – USA Today "His warning to Congress not to pursue deep spending cuts in the short run comes at a time of sharp disagreement within the Fed and Congress about how to invigorate the economy." U.S. Senator Mike Lee questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke regarding […]

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Audit the Fed!

Congressman Ron Paul's House Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee held a hearing this morning on the need to Audit the Fed.  Stay tuned to C4L for more on this critical hearing and our plans to make sure millions of Americans hear about it and take action to Audit the Fed!

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