This Week in Congress

The Senate will be doing nominations this week. The House is in session Monday through Thursday. Among the legislation the House will consider is S.J. Res. 57 which overturns a federal regulation dealing with auto lending and the equal credit [...]

Open skies worth keeping

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air gives an excellent overview of the benefits of Open Skies policies and how these policies will benefit the American people. The article also exposes the arguments against these agreements as nothing more than an attempt by [...]

Red State Socialism Update

Congress is not in session this week, but they will return next week. When they do, they may take up the farm bill. As I have previously written about, the farm bill increases spending by $3.3 billion dollars over the next five years ,but reduces [...]

Liberty at the Movies: Thor: Ragnarok

This week’s box office will be dominated by Marvel Infinity Wars, the latest Avengers movie and the culmination of everything Marvel has been building up to in the last decade. Since the film is setting records for pre-opening ticket sales, [...]

California Dreaming of New Taxes

Last year, Campaign for Liberty members helped kill an attempt to add a new carried interest tax to the GOP tax reform plan. Carried interest is a form of long-term capital gains taxes. But in American politics, bad statist ideas never die... [...]

The NSA Continues to Abuse Americans by Intercepting Their Telephone Calls

One of the few positive things in the ill-named USA FREEDOM Act, enacted in 2015 after the Snowden revelations on NSA domestic spying, is that it required the Director of National Intelligence to regularly report on its domestic surveillance [...]

Ron Paul: Piracy is Liberty

Last year, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul recorded.a special episode of his Liberty Reelrt (which line dreams every day at 12 p.m. EST and is highly recommend) on the link between Privay and Liberty.  You can watch the video at this link.

Baby Alfie, the Latest Victim of Omnipotent Government

Twenty-three-month-old Alfie Evans, passed away in a British hospital on Saturday. While the official cause of death was a degenerative brain disease, Alfie may have been murdered by the British health system and the British high court. Doctors [...]


Today is the 19 Anniversary of the Columbia School shooting. Shortly after the shooting, as Congress debated what type of gun control reform to impose on the people, then Congressman Ron Paul delivered a very important speech on the real causes [...]

This Week in Congress

The House is in session from Tuesday through Friday. On Wednesday the House Committee on Agriculture will mark-up the farm bill. The vote is expected to be contentious as Democrats object to changes in the SNAP or “food stamps" program. Fiscal [...]