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Moran doubles down, proposes housing stipend for Members of Congress

Less than one week after complaining that Members of Congress are underpaid, Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va) today proposed granting Members of Congress a housing stipend to help defray the cost of living in DC. From Moran’s website: With Congress in session 112 days in 2014, the housing stipend would be $2,800, equivalent to this year’s […]

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Well, duh: Inflation May Hit the Poor Hardest

Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty have always talked about how the Federal Reserve’s inflationist policies always hurt the poor the most. Over at FiveThirtyEight  they have a good analysis as to why this is the case: Over the past two years, prices have risen more quickly for many of the things that low-income households spend […]

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Local governments “safety” regulations strangling economic opportunity

Campaign for Liberty members are well-aware of how many federal regulations serve to benefit powerful corporate interests at the expenses of smaller competitors and consumers. For example, the regulations outlawing incandescent light bulbs just happen to force us to use a product manufactured  by General Electric, while so-called “consumer safety” legislation passed to “product the […]

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Has Your Representative Cosponsored Audit the Fed?

Thanks to our members and supporters, Campaign for Liberty is fast closing in on 218 cosponsors (majority support) for Audit the Fed in the U.S. House for the third Congress in a row! Currently, H.R. 24 stands at 204 cosponsors.  Is your representative one of them?  Find out here. If you don’t see your rep. […]

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Taking from the poor to give to the rich

Bonnie Kristian has an excellent article over at Rare about how government programs, such as Medicare, Obamacare, and Social Security, transfer wealth from the relatively young and poor to the relatively old and rich. Between 1984 and 2009, median net worth of Americans 35 and younger shrunk by 68%, while Americans 65 and older saw […]

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