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Your deadbeat Uncle Sam…

Ever have a friend or family member who is constantly in debt and whose idea of fiscal responsibility is to get an increase in their credit card limit in order to pay off their debts? Well, we all have such a relative… our Uncle Sam. Since October 1, the beginning of the new Fiscal Year, […]

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Study: Net Neutrality Will Mean $17 Billion Tax Hike

According to a new study from the Progressive Policy Institute, President Obama’s call to regulate the Internet like a public utility would mean a $17 Billion tax hike for Americans. From The Hill: Reclassifying Web service would likely force broadband subscribers to pay extra state and local fees, as well as contribute to an FCC fund […]

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Cities using tax dollars to lobby for Internet Sales Tax

It’s not enough that politicians in Washington want you to pay taxes on everything you buy on the Internet. Your city and state are likely using your tax dollars to lobby politicians in Washington to raise your taxes! States and localities are facing budget crises across the country and rather than reform their budgets and […]

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Campaign for Liberty opposes Police Militarization in NDAA

Campaign for Liberty has joined a letter to the Chairs and Ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees requesting they resist efforts to include language expanding the 1033 program–which provides military equipment to local police departments– in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015. Instead, C4L supports full repeal of these programs, […]

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Va Governor signs bill exempting non-ACA insurance plans until 2017

On November 19th, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe(D) signed into law SB 5014, which allows health insurance companies to continue offering non-ACA compliant plans through 2017. This comes as welcome relief for the nearly 250,000 Virginians who had their plans cancelled beginning in October, including me. What is also interested is that there was no press […]

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