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Ron Paul and Glenn “Kane” Jacobs on the Internet Sales Tax

In case you missed it, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul responded to National Retail Federation President David French’s statement that the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate was needed to correct a flaw in the Constitution, since the Constitution is an “18th Century Document.” Also, here is Glenn “Kane” Jacobs’ latest column on the why […]

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Tim Carney on the Real Lessons of Boston

Tim Carney points out that the Boston bomber was caught thanks to private citizens voluntarily cooperating with law enforcement, thus disproving the argument made by to many in DC that this case shows the need to increase government surveillance. Tim points out that a system that forces law enforcement to rely on the cooperation of […]

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Like father, like son

by John Watts Vice President Joe Biden is planning to continue his efforts at expanding background checks after the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill recently failed in the Senate. According to Politico, the Vice President has yet to let his boss know about his plans. The gun control advocates are not retreating from the push to […]

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Film industry pleas for exemption from NY gun control

At least one group of elitist liberals is asking for an exemption from New York State’s new gun control law. Apparently, the ambiguity of the law has some in Hollywood concerned that it would prevent them from using life-like assault weapons on set in NYC. So, naturally they want an exemption. The irony of this […]

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Ron Paul: Liberty was also attacked in Boston

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul’s recent column on the police “lockdown” in Boston has received a great deal of media attention. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, much of the commentary distorts what Dr. Paul actually said. Below is the text of the column, so you can read Dr. Paul’s actual thoughts on this crucial matter: […]

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