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Tax Freedom Day 2013

by John Watts Yesterday, April 18, 2013 was Tax Freedom Day – the day of the year when Americans start working for themselves instead of their federal, state, and local governments. As explained by the Tax Foundation: “Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay […]

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Kane Lays the Smackdown on the National Internet Tax Mandate

In case you missed it, here is professional wrestler and liberty movement activist, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs discussing the National Internet Tax Mandate with talk-show host Jerry Doyle. Mr. Jacobs and Doyle also discuss other tax issues, federal spending, the Federal Reserve, and Kane’s finishing move.

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An action-adventure movie about monetary policy?

Yes, there is an action-adventure movie about monetary policy: Silver Circle.  Silver Circle takes place in the year 2019, a time when hyperinflation and a Federal Reserve-run “Office of Housing Stability” that seizes private homes to ensure adequate demand in the housing market beset America.  The movie deals with a band of rebels who print […]

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CISPA Vote Imminent – UPDATED

The House has just returned from a brief recess and will begin voting on a series of amendments before voting on final passage of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This legislation endangers the privacy of Internet users, as companies are encouraged to share information “cybersecurity threat information” with government intelligence agencies, including […]

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Stay Vigilant on Guns

Yesterday, defenders of the Second Amendment won a solid victory in the battle against our gun rights. However, both Senator Reid and President Obama were quick to point out they only view this as the beginning. There are still two anti-gun amendments to be voted on today, so this fight is far from over. In […]

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