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American intervention in North Africa: creating more “blowback”?

By John Watts Senator Rand Paul made a forceful debut on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday in hearings on the Benghazi disaster in which four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya, were murdered by Muslim extremists. In interviews leading up to the hearings, Senator Paul had promised to grill Secretary of State Clinton […]

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Audit the Fed Reaches 100!

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, introduced as H.R. 24 in this Congress by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), has reached 100 cosponsors in less than a month! There’s no greater sign of how much progress C4L has made since our founding than the rapid response to an issue we were once told would never see […]

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Morton Blackwell On Efforts to Reverse RNC Powergrab

This morning, Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman and President of the Leadership Institute Morton Blackwell discussed his efforts to reverse the rule changes Ben Ginsberg forced through during the Republican National Convention. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy For more information on these efforts, read the letter Mr. Blackwell penned […]

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We’re number 10!

The Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ( has bad, but not surprising, news for the American people.  Heritage’s Index ranks the world’s countries based on whether those countries respect the rule of law, limited government, low taxes, and free markets. According to the index, the United States has the world’s tenth freest economy, […]

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Today’s Floor Action – Updated

Busy day on both sides of Capitol Hill: The House is currently debating and will vote early today on suspending the debt ceiling for three months. C4L is urging a NO vote, and encouraging our members to contact their representative and tell them to oppose this bill for the dangerous precedent it sets for open-ended […]

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