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Rand Paul Condemns Indefinite Detention

Referring to indefinite detention as “an abomination,” Senator Paul urged his colleagues to vote against the FY 2013 NDAA Conference Report. Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the report by a vote of 315-107. The Senate passed the report by a vote of 81-14.

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Ron Paul Named WND’s Man of the Decade

WND has named Campaign for Liberty Founder and Honorary Chairman Ron Paul their “Man of the Decade.” Said WND in their article: In addition to his primary focus of keeping government within the confines of the Constitution, Paul’s legacy will prominently feature his unwavering dedication to audit – and ultimately abolish – the Federal Reserve […]

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Slave of the State: How Mandatory Government Service is Antithetical to Liberty

By Sam Aydlette While dining out with an old army buddy last Saturday, an intriguing conversation arose over the topic of compulsory service to the State.  My friend argued that it would benefit young people if they were tasked to do some sort of yearlong obligatory service, either military or some other capacity.  His reasoning […]

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John McCain Wants You Detained

The latest email from C4L President John Tate calls members to action against the government’s desire to indefinitely detain American citizens: In their mad rush to get out of town before the holidays, the statists in Washington, D.C. are launching an all-out assault to rip as much liberty away from you and me as possible. […]

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C4L Hill Letter – NDAA, Indefinite Detention

Yesterday, in a closed door conference committee on the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, conferees stripped out an amendment that would have prohibited the indefinite detention of American citizens and lawful permanent residents. In a letter sent to both the House and Senate today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate urged Congressmen to vote […]

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