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What Really Happened in Tampa?

David Warrington, an attorney with LeClairRyan, spoke to the Liberty Political Action Conference on September 15, 2012. He serves as General Counsel for Campaign for Liberty and served in that capacity for the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. During his speech at LPAC, David explained what really happened to the Ron Paul delegates in Tampa […]

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Changes to

Thanks for your patience during the transition from to! Our transition’s final phase (in site appearance, hosting, etc…) has taken place, though we will continue to add new features to the final site as can be expected. One important change to note is that blogging is now only available for C4L national staff […]

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“More of the Same” or “Hope and Change”?

Jack Hunter, writing at the American Conservative Magazine discusses the recent reports that President Obama has doubled-down on Bush-era spying programs.

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Liberty NewsWire: October 1, 2012

Bernanke sought to reassure investors that the timetable for keeping rates low "doesn't mean we expect the economy to be weak through 2015." Rather, he said the Fed expects to keep rates low well after the economy strengthens. – USA Today Economics USA Today- Bernanke strongly defends Fed rate policies Individual Liberty CBS- Beware: Your gadgets […]

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Protect Internet Freedom!

High-paid lobbyist Chris Dodd and other statists think Internet Freedom is dangerous, when the real threat lies in their plans to cede ever more control over our liberties online to Big Brother. You can remind Congress that freedom has fueled the Technological Revolution from the beginning, and it is freedom that will guarantee future innovation […]

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