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Taking On the TSA!

Campaign for Liberty has been working toward our goal of abolishing the TSA ever since its obscene, indecent, and inhumane policy of groping and scanning passengers became standard operating procedure in the fall of 2010. Our fight has more momentum than ever, as a pair of new bills introduced by Senator Rand Paul take on […]

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How Low Interest Rates and the Federal Reserve Affect Our Economy

The Federal Reserve has decided to keep short term interest rates near zero, until at least the end of 2014, in hopes of encouraging Americans to borrow by making it easier to get more money to spend and invest. Obviously, our economy is still in the dumps, and unemployment still seems to be a problem, […]

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Liberty NewsWire: June 18, 2012

This is not Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran, this is America and we have certain inalienable rights and one is to peacefully demonstrate. — Salon Individual Liberty Salon–Armed Drones Over America Economy MarketWatch–Fed expected to twist again Reuters–Gold eases after Greek vote, caution underpins Constitution US News–America Awaits Supreme Court's Ruling on Health Reform Law […]

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Two Important Amendments to Senate Farm Bill

Two important amendments to the Senate's omnibus Farm Bill, S. 3240, could come up for a vote as early as Tuesday evening, and I hope C4L members will take action to advance them. The first is Senate amendment (S.A.) 2220, which would exclude the definition of industrial hemp under marijuana and allow the cultivation of […]

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Restricting Drones Over America

As Cato's Gene Healy pointed out in an op-ed yesterday titled "Game of Drones," the Senate Armed Services Committee recently called for drones returning from Afghanistan to be used "freely and routinely" in U.S. airspace. This disturbing trend towards government engaging in warrantless surveillance and intelligence gathering must be stopped.  That's why in response, Senator Paul […]

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