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BREAKING NEWS: Audit the Fed to Receive House Vote!

Thanks to all the hard work of C4L's dedicated activists, we've just received word that H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act will receive a vote in the House this July! Audit the Fed recently passed a cosponsor milestone with more than half the House of Representatives now publicly supporting the bill.  With hundreds of […]

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Law of the Sea

As we look ahead to the second half of 2012, one of the issues we will face is possible Senate ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty.   Earlier this week, Senator Mike Lee questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on dangers posed by the Treaty, which would cede even more authority from the […]

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Liberty NewsWire: May 30, 2012

"We do not believe that militarization, further militarization of the situation in Syria at this point is the right course of action. We believe that it would lead to greater chaos, greater carnage," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.- Reuters Foreign Policy Reuters–U.S. expels top Syrian diplomat, rejects intervention Washington Post–U.S. denies N. Korea commando […]

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Liberty NewsWire: May 29, 2012

While [Obama] was adamant about narrowing the fight and improving relations with the Muslim world, he has followed the metastasizing enemy into new and dangerous lands. When he applies his lawyering skills to counterterrorism, it is usually to enable, not constrain, his ferocious campaign against Al Qaeda — even when it comes to killing an […]

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L.A. More Concerned About Plastic Bags Than Public Debt

No longer will Los Angeles citizens be asked “paper or plastic?” The Los Angeles City Council has decided to move forward with a controversial ban on plastic bags that proponents say will protect Southern California’s delicate ecosystems. In a state with an almost 11% unemployment rate and a city facing a $250 million budget deficit, […]

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