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Senator Paul on His FDA Amendment

Earlier this afternoon, Senator Paul took to the floor to urge the Senate to pass his amendment to the FDA User Fees Bill. Unfortunately, the Senate later killed his amendment by a vote of 78-15. In other words, the Senate believes it's fine to place prior restraint on free speech, for the militarized FDA to […]

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Senator Paul Discusses ‘Health Freedom Amendment’ on Senate Floor

Earlier this evening, Senator Paul discussed the abuses of power at the FDA and the need to rein them in by adopting his amendment #2143 to the FDA User Fee Bill, S. 3187. Contact your senators and urge them to vote "YES" on Thursday on Senator Paul's amendment.

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Health Freedom Amendment Will Receive Vote Thursday! UPDATED

Senator Rand Paul will introduce an amendment that is likely to receive a vote today.*  It would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act "concerning claims about the effects of foods and dietary supplements on health-related conditions and disease, to prohibit employees of the Food and Drug Administration from carrying firearms and making arrests […]

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Liberty NewsWire: May 23, 2012

“For some people [Raw Milk] is just as illegal as moonshine to sell. In a documentary called Farmageddon Kristen Canty shows state and federal raids on farms across the country because the raw milk business is so strictly regulated in many states. She says, she produced the movie in part because she doesn't understand why […]

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Freedom of Speech Does Not Grant You Freedom From Consquences

No one can deny the right to freedom of speech, right? Well, that’s not the case for a North Carolina high school student. Senior Hunter Rogers has gotten into a bit of a stir with his teacher after she had suggested that Rogers could be arrested for criticizing Pres. Obama. The argument became a tangent […]

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