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UPDATE: Is the Virginia House Trying to Stifle HB 1160?

Folks, if you live in Virginia, I need you to contact your delegate immediately and urge them to stand up for the liberty of Virginians by calling for a vote on HB 1160! If you don't live in Virginia, please forward this blog on to any Virginia resident you know; their liberty quite literally depends […]

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How about No Foreign Aid?

In Egypt the U.S. government long supported dictator Hosni Mubarak.  Then Washington backed the military regime which followed him.  Now U.S. officials want to promote democracy.  Sigh … . It's not working out very well.  Reported the New York Times: Inspired by the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, the international community has offered Egypt […]

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Liberty NewsWire: March 5, 2012

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will begin a visit today to Mexico and Honduras amid growing calls by regional leaders to debate legalizing the consumption of drugs as frustration with an American-led crackdown grows. Five Central American presidents have said in the past week they were willing to engage in regional discussions over a change […]

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Virginians, Take Action!

Earlier this week, Virginians took action to help HB 1160, a bill to prevent Virginia from assisting the US government in detaining American citizens under the NDAA, sail through the Virginia Senate.  Now, Delegate Bob Marshall is requesting our help again to guarantee the amended HB 1160 passes the Virginia House of Delegates and is […]

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Liberty NewsWire: March 2

The Indiana House approved a bill Thursday laying out when people are justified in using force against police officers, a measure reacting to the public uproar over a state Supreme Court decision over the rights of the public to resist police. The House voted 74-24 in favor of the proposal that says residents are protected […]

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