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Jim Grant’s Message to the Federal Reserve: Try capitalism and sound money

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Maybe the European Union Will Bankrupt the Europeans Before Washington Bankrupts Us

Every time I get depressed about the latest depredation from Washington, I feel better when I look across the pond at Europe.  It's a race to the bottom, but they just might win! Consider the latest outrage.  According to the Prague Daily Monitor: Eggs are off the menu in the Czech Republic. Due to the […]

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Even Pat Robertson Says to Legalize Pot!

Hallelujah!  Pat Robertson recognizes that the drug war has failed.  Reported the New York Times: Of the many roles Pat Robertson has assumed over his five-decade-long career as an evangelical leader — including presidential candidate and provocative voice of the right wing — his newest guise may perhaps surprise his followers the most: marijuana legalization advocate. “I […]

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Liberty NewsWire: March 9, 2012

The state Senate of Virginia passed HB 1160, the bill that would  prevent the use of any state agency or member of the Virginia National Guard or Virginia Defense Force to participate in the unlawful detention of a citizen of Virginia by the government of the United States Government in violation of the state and […]

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Senators Paul & Lee Join Call For Accelerated Withdraw From Afghanistan

Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee joined 22 Senators from across the aisle in calling on President Obama to accelerate the US withdraw from Afghanistan. Arguing the primary mission in Afghanistan — eliminating al-Qaeda's safe haven and removing the Taliban from power — having largely been completed, the Senators also made the financial case for […]

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