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Liberty NewsWire: February 24, 2012

Seven states on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government requirement that religious employers offer health insurance coverage that includes contraceptives and other birth control services. – CNN ObamaCare CNN – Seven States Sue Government Over Contraceptives Mandate Washington Times – Democrats Rise Against ObamaCare Fox News – Alinky-Tied Group Awarded $56 Million Federal […]

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Senator Paul v. Over-Criminalization

Senator Paul (R-KY) has placed holds on S. 409, S. 839, and S. 605, three bills that add dozens of synthetic drugs to the list of federal Schedule I narcotics.  His hold has angered the bills’ sponsors, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Grassley, and Sen. Klobuchar.   What Senator Schumer and his colleagues fail to realize, however, is that we […]

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You Are NOT Free to Move About the Country

Did you know if your passport is damaged, you can be stopped from traveling Internationally?  Well, it happened to the Gosnell family from Denver, CO earlier this week while on their way to a family vacation in Belize. When the family attempted to board a flight in Dallas, TX, American Airline officials refused to allow […]

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Liberty NewsWire: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

During an undercover marijuana sting at a South Florida school, a teenage boy began to fall for someone he thought was just another teenage girl. But the boy's crush turned out to be an undercover police officer, who would later have him arrested for selling her marijuana she asked him to obtain for her." – […]

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Liberty NewsWire: February 22, 2012

Then there is the argument that more private gun ownership will lead to more accidents because the average citizen isn’t sufficiently trained to use a weapon defensively. While gun accidents do occur, the Cato study indicates that they are the most overstated risks. There were 535 accidental firearms deaths in 2006 within a population of […]

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