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It Was Time To Leave About Ten Years Ago

The news media today are reporting how seven US servicemen who were advising Afghan security forces were wounded in a grenade attack carried out by one of their students.  That is on top of two US Army officers murdered while advising an Afghan government ministry three days ago.  If anything underlines the absolute futility of the […]

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Liberty NewsWire: February 27, 2012

During a trip to Paducah Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul traded his political hat for scrubs and a surgical mask and teamed with two local doctors to perform free eye surgeries.  “One thing I’ve missed since I’ve been elected is getting to practice as much as I’d like to,” Paul said. Paul joined Dr. Barbara Bowers, […]

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The Federal Reserve has Failed

A new bill being introduced, ironically named the "Sound Dollar Act," seeks to end the Fed's dual mandate of maximizing employment and maintaining stable prices by removing the employment mandate. The only problem, one that should concern any true believer in the free market system, is that the Fed would still be focused on "price […]

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Smoking Bans Violate Property Rights

In this new video from the Institute for Humane Studies, "Smoking Bans: Banning Freedom," Professor Aeon Skoble discusses how the focus of smoking bans around the country has been framed as "smokers rights vs. non-smokers rights," and he explains how such a view misses the forest for the trees. The real, underlying, and all-to-often overlooked issue, is […]

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Liberty NewsWire: February 24, 2012

Seven states on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government requirement that religious employers offer health insurance coverage that includes contraceptives and other birth control services. – CNN ObamaCare CNN – Seven States Sue Government Over Contraceptives Mandate Washington Times – Democrats Rise Against ObamaCare Fox News – Alinky-Tied Group Awarded $56 Million Federal […]

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