AR-15 Giveaway!

Campaign for Liberty is giving away a brand new Colt LE6920MP-B AR-15 equipped with a red dot sight....

... CUSTOM ENGRAVED with Ron Paul's Signature & Campaign for Liberty's logo!

The AR-15 will also come with Magpul stock, pistol grip, handguard, and vertical grip and back-up sight.

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Indiana House Passes Right to Work Law

A giant step forward for workers' rights was taken today in Indiana, as their state house passed a Right to Work law by a vote of 55-41.  Indiana is now on its way to joining twenty-two other states who have passed such a law. Final approval from the Senate is likely to come soon, and […]

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Liberty NewsWire Thursday, January 26, 2012

The only way to stem piracy is to make more content more widely available at a competitive price point, and include added-value that pirates can't match. It seems so obvious, at least to those of us not invested in failing 20th century business models. Piracy exists because consumers want content and can't get it legitimately. […]

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Liberty NewsWire: January 25, 2012

That school choice is valuable is beyond dispute. That's why there's a multi-billion dollar private school industry serving millions of students. And it's why there is a much larger system of school choice embedded in the American real estate market. While some parents pay school tuition directly, many more pay it through their monthly mortgage […]

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Senator Rand Paul Responds to the State of the Union Transcript: One thing is for certain: President Obama is in full campaign mode. In last year’s State of the Union Address, President Obama came before Congress with lofty promises to the American people of job creation, a prosperous economy and American innovation. He told Americans that we were going to ‘win the future.’ But […]

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Crazy Commies and their Useful Idiots Still Exist

Want to create a lobby for North Korea?  A state which has allowed hundreds of thousands or millions of people to starve, and which locks hundreds of thousands more people up in deadly labor camps? No problem.  Talk to Alejandro Cao de Benos, now also called Zo Sun-il, the North Korean spokesman in Europe.  According to […]

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