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Remember that New Democracy in Iraq: Never Mind!

Let's see.  The Neocons advocated spreading democracy by bombing, invading, and occupying other nations.  How's that working out?  Not so good … . According to the National Journal: Hadi Mehdi, one of Iraq’s best-known journalists, knew he was a marked man. He had been arrested and beaten by Iraqi security forces after covering a large […]

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Liberty NewsWire – November 10, 2011

Amid an uproar from conservative critics, the Obama administration has decided to delay implementation of a fee that would have allowed the Christmas tree industry to create a promotional campaign to encourage people to buy fresh-cut pine trees, the White House said Wednesday. – CBS "Christmas Tree Tax" Put on Hold – CBS TSA's 10th […]

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Liberty NewsWire – November 9, 2011

The Obama administration has imposed a 15-cent tax on Christmas trees in order to pay for a new board tasked with promoting the Christmas tree industry. – Fox News   Say Hello to the Christmas Tree Tax – Fox News   Ohio Voters Reject Insurance Mandate – Cleveland Plain Dealer   Government Phone Tracking Faces […]

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VIDEO: “Liberty, Security, and the TSA”

In this latest video from Learn Liberty, Professor James Otteson argues the problem with the TSA is "that they've chosen to trade off all of your liberty, all of your privacy, against security."   Some people, he argues, may want to trade off all of their liberty and privacy for security, most people won't. Therefore, […]

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Abolish the TSA!

I've had it with the TSA. I'm disgusted by having to write about their offensive, innappropriate screening procedures and agent misconduct on a regular basis. I'm fed up with them getting a 'pass' around the Constitution in the name of "national security." In this latest example, a young woman who travels frequently for work was […]

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